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As a fitness late bloomer, I spent most of 20s behind a desk or on the couch. I didn't play sports, I wasn't active and my metabolism finally caught up with me. I graduated from NYU with a degree in Computer Science and had a successful career in the field for over 10 years. However, it was never my passion. The longer I sat in a dark room with no windows, staring at a screen filled with financial data to be analyzed and summarized for 8-12 hours a day, overworked and underpaid, the fatter and more miserable I got.

At first, my morning workout was just an outlet to make sure I made it through the day without retaliating against the unrealistic demands of executive management.  Not satisfied with the results I was getting on my own, I decided to get a personal trainer. As my body changed, I became interested in the science behind the change - what makes program design effective? What nutrition and supplement choices will optimize results?

That's when I decided to invest in education, certifications, and fitness related workshops. After applying those principles and seeing major results, people started asking me "what are you training for?"

"Life," I reply.

With the help of a speech by Alan Watts, What if Money Were No Object, and a refinance loan, I was able to start over and do what I love and believe in. I moved up the ranks very quickly to become an Elite trainer at the busiest Crunch location in the country. After which I became independent at Complete Body Downtown and at private gyms in the NYC area. No gym membership needed. Come say hi!