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What is Nutrition Coaching?

Well, let's start with what it's not.

It's not a lecture

You don't need me to explain why exercising more and eating healthier are good for you. Even if you can't recite health research and statistics by heart, you already know this. But knowing what you have to do and actually doing it are two different things.

Maybe you've wanted to change but it seems so overwhelmingly different from your life as it is now that it seems impossible - so why bother trying at all?

Maybe the new year rolled around and you told yourself "this is really it this time" and made really big changes all at once. But life got in the way and you found yourself struggling to keep up and you revert back to your old ways by February.

Maybe you starved yourself for 2 weeks for a vacation and lost 10 pounds but you were really moody and had no energy and gained 15 pounds back by the end of the month.

None of that works.

It's not a meal plan or a diet

I will not be telling you must have a chicken and kale on Tuesday afternoon.  

The bad news is even "healthy foods" in the wrong portions can result in unintended fat gain, muscle loss or both.

The good news is, despite whatever the latest fad is this week, neither carbs, fats nor protein are the devil - they are all necessary for progress - in the right amounts.

I will be giving you the tools to make healthier decisions from an infinite amount of options, paired in the right amounts to reach your goals.

habit-based coaching

Change can be hard but it doesn't have to be. So how do you take action and make long-lasting, meaningful change?

Only consistent, repeated, focused action creates change and growth. If you're an inexperienced juggler, juggling too many balls at once before you're ready will make you drop all of the balls. We'll tackle your barriers one by one til you've developed them as second nature, so that you'll never have too much on your plate until you're ready.

While every little step may not seem groundbreaking, they will all add up to successful change by the end of the program.

Stay open to practicing the basics. To be willing to experiment and -- yes! -- actually have fun.

What's on your plate will depend on your:

  • age, gender, height
  • body type, current weight, current activity level
  • dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerances
  • goals (fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance, maintenance, etc.)

Based on these factors I will:

  • help you identify your long-term goals and break them into incremental steps to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle - not just a diet
  • give you visual examples of what that would look like on your plate without the hassle of having to weigh food
  • monitor your food intake, make adjustments, and suggest healthier alternatives based on your eating habits
  • recommend supplements that minimize nutritional deficiencies and assist with maintaining muscle, decreasing fat, increasing energy and exercise recovery
  • address your questions and concerns

New habits will be introduced regularly and reinforced. I will provide feedback tailored to your responses and needs.